How does stomach botox technology work?
It is considered one of the different types of weight loss and Bariatric Dubai
in which the stomach wall is injected with botox, temporarily relaxing the stomach muscles. This action slows down the digestion process inside the stomach, thereby prolonging the feeling of fullness.

The procedure is carried out in about 15 minutes with local anaesthesia.

Who are the candidates for the stomach botox procedure?
– Individuals who have tried to lose weight and cannot lose it by various means.
– Individuals who cannot afford to give up the desire for eating.
– Individuals suffering from health problems due to morbid obesity.

Preparation before the botox injection procedure?
– The specialist surgeon will conduct the necessary examinations and laboratory tests before the operation.
– Verification of medical history before the procedure.
– Identification of expected side effects.

Steps of the stomach botox procedure?
– The injection process is generally done by the doctor using a medical endoscope, which is inserted through the mouth to reach the stomach, so it is not an operation nor does it involve any incisions.

The needle at the front of the endoscope is used for injections into the muscles in the stomach wall.
– Sometimes, the doctor targets the nerve leading to the stomach, which connects the nervous system to the stomach, conveying feelings of satiety and fullness to the brain.

How long does it take?
Approximately 15 minutes.

When will I notice the result?
Results appear within four to six months, and it requires periodic reinjection because the result comes from more than one injection. It is necessary to follow a diet and exercise regimen after the botox injection operation.

Drawbacks of the stomach botox technique?
– Although it helps in increasing the feeling of satiety and delaying hunger, it is not the best method because it does not prevent food intake and may be ineffective in some people due to eating disorders.
– To effectively reduce weight, it is essential to follow a proper diet and maintain it with the direct doctor after the stomach botox procedure.
– Its effect is temporary, and it is necessary to repeat it because the effect may wear off after 6 months, and weight may increase again. Therefore, it is essential to follow up with a specialist doctor to avoid harm and drawbacks.

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