Find Sustainable Weight Loss: 7 Safe Methods You Can Trust

Healthy Weight Loss Methods:

Many people are looking for safe methods to lose weight without resorting to weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric plication, gastric balloon, and other similar procedures, especially for medical reasons. Therefore, they need ways to reduce weight.
This can be achieved by reducing calorie intake, and we offer you 7 safe methods for weight loss.

7 Safe Ways to Lose Weight: 

Eat a good amount of vegetables 

With every meal, add a larger portion of vegetables to feel full and satisfied.

Focus on breakfast 

All meals are important, but breakfast is one of the most crucial as it helps in keeping you full. Make sure to consume between 400 to 500 calories for your morning meal and include lean protein such as eggs, nuts, or yogurt.

Drink tea and coffee 

Ensure to drink coffee as it is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Maintain a high water intake 

Avoid sugary drinks 

As they increase your daily calorie intake.


In various forms such as walking, you can gradually increase the intensity or lift weights, like 5 kilos.

Eat spicy foods 

Because they help you eat more slowly and avoid overeating.

There are also medical methods for weight loss:

There are medical methods for weight loss that can be considered based on your health condition:

Gastric Balloon for Slimming: It is inserted via an endoscope and helps reduce the amount of food intake and promotes satiety with smaller quantities.
Gastric Sleeve Surgery: This is performed through laparoscopic surgery, involving the insertion of small tools through multiple small incisions in the upper part of the abdomen, and it can result in losing about 60% of body weight.
Gastric Bypass Surgery: The surgeon creates a small pouch in the stomach using a laparoscope through 4 to 5 small openings in the stomach wall near the esophageal sphincter and bypasses about 2 metres of the small intestine.
Weight Loss Injections: These help in weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness for extended periods.

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