Techniques for Maintaining Ideal Weight

There are several simple ways to maintain your ideal weight after dieting or undergoing weight loss surgery.

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on achieving a healthy weight for yourself. Maintaining it is not easy, but it is certainly not the hardest task if you follow some guidelines regarding calorie counts in meals throughout the day, a variety of food lists, and also by keeping up with exercise.

Here are some tips to help you on your journey to maintain weight loss:
– Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and engaging in plenty of physical activity.
– Monitor your weight in the most effective way to maintain the appropriate weight by weighing yourself twice a week on a reliable scale.
– Eat foods high in fiber to help you feel full, such as legumes (lentils and beans), vegetables, and fruits which are good sources of fiber and low in calories.
– Exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days a week or more, to reap health benefits.
– Choose dairy products that are low in fat, such as milk, cheese, labneh, and yogurt, to help reduce calorie intake.
– Stick to grilled fish and chicken.
– When eating out, avoid menus that include the words “fried” or “breaded” as they contain extra amounts of fats and calories, and focus on salads instead.
– If you slip up, there’s no need for self-punishment, especially if it’s rare; replace it with exercise when feeling guilty.
– Don’t force yourself to eat specific types of food, especially if you don’t like them, as you have many different options available.

In conclusion, discuss your habits, dietary system, and lifestyle with a nutrition specialist who can help you plan and choose healthy foods and determine the appropriate amounts you should consume to maintain your figure after dieting or weight loss procedures.

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