Advanced Endoscopy for a better life

An endoscopy may sound like an overridden term, yet it has undergone several novel advances and now encompasses a variety of procedures, including Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty and Gastric Banding. The state-of-the-art procedures and techniques currently developed have brought out different possibilities that are extraordinary and have uplifted the quality of human life.

This process of allowing the doctor to visualize internal organs is called Endoscopy. Endoscopy has evolved with the advancement of technology and is incredibly useful in medical treatment. Modern Endoscopy is quick, has relatively lower health risks, and is sought after by many people to improve their lives.

Currently, endoscopic procedures are done through the mouth, rectum, or small incisions and are not invasive. Although previously, these procedures were used to diagnose various conditions and treat them; nowadays, this technology seems promising to be used in different methods to reduce body fat.

Latest addition: Endoscopic Sleeve gastroplasty

The latest addition to the Endoscopic procedures is the Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. This minimally invasive weight-loss procedure makes your stomach smaller by placing sutures with a suturing device inserted through the throat into the stomach. A person with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more who has been unable to shed weight through dieting and exercising may discuss with the doctor whether this method is beneficial.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty allows a person to return to normalcy and carry on their daily activities quickly and will not pose any operative complications that would occur in various other weight loss surgeries and procedures. Most importantly, the procedure will assist one in limiting the intake of food and overall appetite, thereby leading to significant weight loss through a calorie deficit.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty may sound like an easy way to achieve the dreams of a healthy body; however, like any other weight-loss procedure, it requires one to be committed to a healthier lifestyle. Permanent healthy changes to your diet and regular exercise will ensure the long-term success of endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty.

Revolutionary Gastric banding

The evolution of bariatric procedures is portrayed by restrictive gastric procedures such as Gastric banding. Gastric banding is the least invasive of gastric restrictive procedures and has minimum complications. This method has the best safety record, is reversible, and is considered a vital tool in the long-term management of obesity. Gastric banding is an attractive option for anyone looking for an effective weight loss method with incomparable results.

In Gastric banding, a silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach to decrease its size, thereby reducing food intake. Approved by trusted sources, this weight loss procedure is done by placing a band around the upper portion of the stomach, which is attached to a tube accessible through a port under the abdomen skin.

The surgeon uses a saline solution to inflate the band, creating a small pouch above the stomach. The newly created small pouch reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold at a specific meal and makes a person feel content with a smaller portion. It also reduces hunger and lowers the overall food intake.

Suppose a person suffers from health conditions related to obesity and has not reaped any results through other weight loss methods. In that case, gastric banding provides the best intervention, which is less invasive than other weight-loss surgeries.

This procedure has minimal downtime and often allows one to return home the same day following the surgery. For those who experience obesity, this is the possible long-term weight loss method with a relatively rapid recovery and less chance of wound infections.

Without a loss in the absorption of nutrients and with reduced diabetes and high blood pressure risks, gastric banding bestows a person with a quality and healthy life. The advancement of endoscopy technology with such optimized processes makes the future looks promising and lives healthier.

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